Project 04
The dating app for fitness driven singles looking for a spotter on the bench and off.
swipe left, swipe right
40% of Americans use online dating, with numbers rising since the addition of dating apps on smartphones. The rise of popularity amongst younger adults have made it normal to meet someone through technology, and has also changed how relationships are formed.
what's new with spotter?
Spotter is catered to those interested in fitness and athletics. It was important to find a unique demographic to target so that users would find it easier to meet others with common interests. Spotter is also introduces a new "save" function, which promotes users to make more thoughtful choices about their potential matches.
My initial sketches focused on the account creation. Creating a dating profile can be cumbersome, so I tried focusing on organizing sections so that the user doesn't feel bombarded. It was important to figure out the hierarchy of questions, and how to do it all in as few steps as possible.
I began to add more detail on how questions were organized in the wireframe stage, and how information is layed out. Which sections would be grouped together? Which sections need to be separate? How can I make sure everything feels intuitive and natural?
final version
easy signup
When creating a profile, I wanted the process to be as easy as possible. Setting up a profile can be daunting, so I altered a few questions that only required limited answers. Information like "Gender" and "Interested in" require one tap right in the input field.
With as much information that's displayed here, I focused on how I would establish the text hierarchy within the page. I also took advantage of a couple colors in order to highlight common interests on the profile.
like and dislike
Users are allowed 25 left and right swipes. The purpose of this is to discourage the mindset people have been made accustom to when having unlimited swipes. People tend to think there could always be something better if they just keep swiping. By limiting the amount of swipes you're forcing people to give more thought to their potential matches.
Save a profile
Because swipes are limited, I also added a "Save" feature when you swipe down on a profile. These are for profiles users may be unsure of. The only way to get rid of a saved profile is to either swipe left or right.